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I am a little bias in regards to Warsaw’s poet and songstress Gabriela Kulka, as I consider her a friend after several years of knowing her online. But I did hear her music before I came into contact with her personally, so I’m not a complete slave of nepotism.

I was enamored with Gabriela’s voice and musical style before I acquired her albums, King of Rats and Miss Scylla And A Hard Place, but the essence of her music is much more apparent on cd than mp3.

The child of two violinists, Gabriela’s classical upbringing meshed with such eclectic influences as Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Ella Fitzgerald, Diamanda Galas, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, and Bruce Dickinson. The result is a musical blend of operatic piano playing, poetic meanderings, and a heavy metal attitude.

Her soaring vocals and reckless piano pounding, coupled with metaphorical and ironic lyrics, are one hell of an otherworldly ride. Utilizing every makeshift instrument (including the kitchen sink) she is not your run of the mill piano goddess.

Her covers of Sting’s “Russians” and Bruce Dickinson’s “Killing Floor” are especially attention grabbing. But it’s her original songs such as “Wreath Song” & “Coup d’etat” that really showcase her uniquely innovative vocal talent that turns on a dime between delicate whispers and theatrical wailing.

Her lyrical content ranges from quirky to creepy to threatening (“cross that line, bitch, and I’ll scratch out your eyes“).Her most recent album, Miss Scylla And A Hard Place, takes her experimental heart-core sound to new depths, as well as displays her talent at covering traditional tunes.

An as yet unsigned independent artist, you will not find her cds on Amazon or in your local music shop. You can purchase
Miss Scylla at CdBaby and previous works by contacting Gabriela herself via her website. There are also several album, demo, and cover mp3s available for download on her site.

Gaba also has a 4-song online EP available for download on her Soundclick Page.

Gabriela Kulka Official Site
Gabriela Kulka on MySpace
Buy the CD

Update: As of August 10, 2010, Gaba Kulka’s albums will be available for purchase Buy @ Amazon!!

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  1. Hey 🙂 I’m daisy_2261 that you referred from my teh_music post. Just wanted to say that I’ve download two of the songs (some don’t appear to be working atm) and they’re awesome 😀

    Thanks for the links!

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