ould times

Some requested tunes, all via YSI …

Tim McGraw – Live Like You Were Dying

Not my favourite of his, but probably the country singer’s biggest hit to date.

Jump Little Children – Body Parts

With the exception of this and “Cathedrals”, most of JLC’s songs are kind of bland. Nice, but bland. But this one is more rock and a bit sexier than the rest of their catalogue, with the lead singer abandoning his usual Meloy-esque vocals to scream “What makes you hot?!”

Mediaeval Baebes – Isabella
Mediaeval Baebes – Summerisle (The Maypole Song)

It’s a shame that Mediaeval Baebes isn’t more popular. They are a standout band in the creepy goth girl genre. They feature an entire choir of female vocalists and lovely music culled from the Dark Ages. “Isabella” is a more spirited track, while “Summerisle” is a great cover of The Maypole song from the classic cult film, The Wicker Man.

Flogging Molly – The Kilburn Highroad
Flogging Molly – The Rare Ould Times

This blog’s been saturated with their songs, but that’s cos they are one of my very favourite bands. Traditional Irish music goes punk.

M.I.A. – Amazon
M.I.A. – Every day I love you less & less

The grime princess. First an original, then a live cover of a Kaiser Chiefs song – I think her version is much better!

And a repost, per request:
Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

As for me, I’m looking for anything by Leela James or Lori McKenna. Thanks.