extraordinary machine

No mp3s in this post, just encouragement to you fine people to actually by an album.

I am currently listening to a brand spankin’ new cd/dvd dual disc edition of Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine. :] And I have to say: I love it!! Much, much more than I expected to.

I was afraid that having heard the demo mp3s would make me think less of the reworked album, but the complete opposite is true. I think knowing how the songs sounded raw makes me appreciate the cd more. Comparing the demo to the new album through mp3s, as many of us have, was not an accurate evaluation. Listening to the actual disc in the stereo sounds so much better. I actually prefer these polished tracks to the demos. They fit together better this way.

I’m a huge Fiona Apple fan, so she could sing the phone book and I’d like it. But I think even if you didn’t like her first two albums, you might like this one. It’s much more accessible, both vocally and musically, than her previous work. Very pretty and lyrical and strong as a whole.

And I can pretend that Fiona thanked me personally in the credits of the cd, as it says “everyone at Free Fiona” and I signed the petition back in the day. Leave me my delusions. ;p

Please help all of us mp3 enthusiasts that worked hard to get the album released prove to the music industry that mp3s are a valuable asset to artist, and not the deterrent to album sales that they claim they are. Support Fiona Apple and all the artists you’ve heard here by purchasing their music at Amazon or your local music retailer.