Gabriela Kulka: Pilot

Gabriela Kulka – Pilot EP (Soundclick page – straight click)

You have to love an artist that intentionally feeds their fans’ mp3 addiction. Gabriela Kulka (read my previous review here) has been kind enough to upload a new four-song internet-exclusive EP. The EP is called Pilot, and all four of its songs are available at the above linked Soundclick page. You can either stream it on that page, or download the mp3s.

The title track “Pilot” is sung in Gaba’s native language, Polish, and has a crazy, creepy, carnival feel to it. The English translation of the chorus includes the line “the pilot got out before you got in”. Pretty much sums up my life to date. The rest of the EP is in English.

“Rolemodels” features the wry, Groucho Marx kind of vocal that Gabriela took on in her old song “Jealousy”. And I mean that as a compliment. :p

“Love Me” is quite the torch song, va voom. 😉 I really like the jazzy piano bit toward the middle on this one, and then the very end with the strings… at least I think it was strings. Very pretty. Probably my favourite of the lot, but then I’m a sucker for piano solos.

“Crawl Sweet Lord” is great, too, and (forgive the comparison – it’s the lazy reviewer’s adjective) reminds me a little of Pele-era Tori. Or more accurately, King of Rats-era Gabriela.

Gabriela’s previous cd, Between Miss Scylla and a Hard Place is available at CD Baby.

Walela – Amazing Grace (mp3 removed)

I was watching a taped episode of the tragically short-lived series Wonderfalls, the one which takes place at Native American reservation. Toward the end of the episode, the above song was played and it immediately caught my attention. I was happily surprised to find the song online, and here it is for sharing.

Walela, named for the Cherokee word for hummingbird, is an all-female group composed of Rita Coolidge, her sister, Priscilla, and Priscilla’s daughter, Laura. Their cover of the traditional religious song “Amazing Grace” is sung completely in the Cherokee language, and it is possibly the most beautiful version of the song I’ve ever heard.< Please support the artists by purchasing their music at Amazon or your local music retailer.

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  1. It seems as tho the Walela song stops just short of the ending of the song. Is it just me?

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