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My new musical obsession is Allison Crowe. She’s one of those artists that I’ve seen mentioned for years but never got around to listening to until recently. And now I’m addicted. Fortunately, her above linked site provides numerous mp3s to feed such an addiction.

Allison is another piano girl. If she had a weaker voice, she would be Charlotte Martin. If she had a bit more pizzaz, she’d be Fiona Apple. Instead, she’s somewhere in between. Kind of like a more palatable Nicki Jaine. Anyway, however you want to describe her sound, it’s really good. Her piano playing is solid, but her voice has such an unusual and alluring purr, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about that voice. And it’s quite a voice.

I’m especially impressed with her cover of “Hallelujah.” It’s a very tough song for artists to cover. Most modern artists don’t seem to grasp that. There are tons of mediocre covers of the tune floating about. I love Damien Rice and I didn’t even like his cover of it. For me, there are only two truly great versions of the song. Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley. Buckley especially just blew the song to pieces and every artist after him has tried and failed to put it back together. Until now.

Allison Crowe manages to pump “Hallelujah” full of all the soaring vocals and raw emotion that it requires. And the result is a big beautiful lump in the throat.

She has several other strong covers, such as Janis Joplin’s “Me & Bobby McGee” (another hard cover to nail), Counting Crows’ “Raining In Baltimore,” Ani Difrano’s “Independence Day,” Sarah Mclachlan’s “Angel,” Joni Mitchell’s “River,” “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables, “In My Life” by The Beatles, and “Playboy Mommy” by Tori Amos (with a cute fangirl intro).

I also recommend her original songs “By Your Side”, “Sea of a Million Faces”, “Crayon and Ink”, “Pray For Rain”, “Disease”, “Midnight,” though there’s not a bad song to be found on that page.

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8 thoughts on “Allison Crowe

  1. i am deeply touched by her song for lisa.

    i named allison’s music folder “maruch” beacuse you introduced me to her. thank you.

  2. I’m always happy to introduce people to good music!

    Ps. It’s “muruch”, not “maruch”. 🙂

  3. thank you, so much, muruch for sharing Allison’s music ( :

    and, thank you eric, nina, and everyone also listening!

    I work with Alley, and, it’s this very same passion, obsession, that keeps us going ( :


    slan agat ( :

  4. Not only did you get a comment from Alison’s manager, but he knows Gaelic. Awesome!

    By the way, I suggest you listen to John Cale’s version of Hallelujah, my particular favorite.

    Alison’s version of Angel… at first I thought she was trying too hard, but man it’s intense, and it gave me chills.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Adrian, thank you so much for commenting! And thanks also for quoting me on Allison’s site, I’m honoured. I love Allison’s music more with each listen.

  6. hello, and thank YOU ( :

    I either dreamed it, or did post an earlier response re our pleasure, gratitude ~ and Celtic lineage! hehe

    I’m not the most clear on messaging and all, so, in any event – I’ll simply say, it’s all mutual positivism.

    We’ve added a few blogs to Alley’s links section – and, naturally, muruch, you’re there ( :

    (and in a news item, too!)

    peace, Ad

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