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Thunderegg & Kendall Meade – Say We Did (right click & save)

Thunderegg’s sound is somewhere between Helium, Iron & Wine, and The Moldy Peaches. I think perhaps that if Kimya Dawson were a man, she might not sound so much like bandmate Adam Green, but more like Thunderegg’s Will Georgantas. The above is a duet the band did with Kendall Meade. Meade is a former member of Helium and Sparklehorse, and currently fronts the band Mascott, in addition to running the Red Panda record label.

You can download a wonderfully ridiculous amount of mp3s by Thunderegg at their website on the songs of the week & downloads pages. There are a few misses, but the good songs are really good. And even the songs that don’t really stand out sonically have some great lyrics. My favourite tracks are “Even As You Walk Away”, “Mr. Blue”, and especially the above linked “Say We Did”.

You can also buy Thunderegg’s albums through their website.

Mary Timony – Poison Moon (right click & save)
Mary Timony – Musik & Charming Melodee (right click & save)
Mary Timony – Blood Tree (right click & save)
Helium – Lucy (Epitonic – requires free registration)

Speaking of Helium, Mary Timony is amazing. For those that don’t know her, she has fronted a number of bands and worked on numerous other projects in the past decade. Helium, Autoclave, The Spells being the most notable.

She did not come to my attention, though, until a friend gave me her remarkable debut solo album, Mountains, back in 2000. It was love at first listen. Like a lot of female artists that play piano, Mary has been compared to Kate Bush and Tori Amos. While her solo sound does hold the some of the same ethereal qualities of Kate & Tori, I think she shares more in common musically with indie artists like Cat Power and The Shins.

Her second album, The Golden Dove was another great cd that shared similar themes with Mountains, yet Mary added enough new elements to her sound to prevent it from being a duplicate. Her lyrics went from fairytales of witchcraft and sorrow to more satirical jabs at life and relationships. The metaphors became clearer, the vocals and rhythm more pronounced.

Mountains had a slight echo to its sound, which fit with the Medieval tone of the album. The Golden Dove had a slightly heavier sound, hinting more at Mary’s Helium days while still maintaining Mary’s haunting, folk-faerie touch. If Mountains was the witch who needed no one, The Golden Dove seemed to realize she might want someone, perhaps she had and lost someone, but she still retains a solid self-reliance.

Magic, isolation, and companionship are the themes most prominant on both albums, along with a somewhat cynical view of the world sprinkled throughout her pretty poetry. All accompanied with a lot of hand clapping. And you know I love hand clapping.


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