watching the fire as we grow old

Note: The YSI links on this post have expired. The Megashares uploads should be unlimited unless they haven’t been accessed in 25 days.

Just a few for today. More original vs. cover comparisons.

Tori Amos – Josephine
Allison Crowe – Josephine (Megashares upload)

There is a severe lack of good Tori Amos covers. Sure, there’s that mostly unremarkable pseudo-Goth tribute album. But I said good, not passable. But here we have a very good cover. Though I still prefer the original, Crowe’s acoustic cover does what a good cover should – it makes the song sound like a whole new tune rather than a bad carbon copy.

Feist – Mushaboom“>Feist – Mushaboom (Megashares)
Bright Eyes – Mushaboom

Bright Eyes obviously doesn’t do that well with covers. I suppose if I hadn’t heard the original, I would have liked this cover. Maybe. But compared with the fun sideshow circus feel of the original by the always talented Feist, the cover is blah. But I’m not much of a Bright Eyes fan. With the exception of Lua, Bowl of Oranges, and When The President Talks to God, Conor Oberst’s work is way too boringly emo for moi. But if you’re a big Bright Eyes fan, you’ll probably love this. Either way, I recommend the original by Feist, which is quickly becoming a favourite band of mine.

The Dresden Dolls – Truce

Yeah, yeah. I’ve shoved the Dolls down your throat several times already. But I’m excited about their pending second album, as well as the new Paradise DVD, so I’ve been listening to their amazing eponymous album a lot lately. And while Girl Anachronism, Half Jack, Missed Me, and Coin Operated Boy are still my absolute favourites on the album, Truce has been standing out to me more this time around. You know you love it.


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  1. Hiya, I love Tori covers but Allison Crowe – Josephine has expired – could you please reup? =)

  2. Sure. I uploaded the Allison Crowe track to MegaShares this time, so it should have unlimited downloads until it’s been inactive for 14 days.

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