In the Deep: Nellie McKay, Bell X1, Bird York, Thunderegg

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Nellie McKay – Columbia Is Bleeding (mp3 removed)

generalize, proselytize, verbs were spillin’ out their sides

Free Nellie? Nellie McKay was dropped by Columbia Records just as her sophomore album, Pretty Little Head, was scheduled for release. Though I’m not quite as impressed by the sassy, piano playin’, rappin’, cursin’, modern day Dinah Shore as other bloggers and critics seem to be, I do think she has talent. It’s a shame she’s been dropped for apparently just wanting to give fans more music for their money.

Bell XI – Eve, The Apple of My Eye (mp3 removed)

in the garden, snake was a charmin’, and Eve said let’s give it a try

I haven’t heard much from Bell X1 apart from this pretty ballad, which my boy included on his favourites of 2005 mixtape (he does one every year). They’re an Irish band and three of the members used to be in a band called Juniper with fellow Irish musician, Damien Rice.

Bird York – In The Deep (mp3 removed)

in the silence now all your secrets will raise their weary heads

Written for Crash (the racially charged Don Cheadle film, not the sexually charged Spader flick), which features a brief cameo by the velvety voiced Bird. It’s a simple, yet haunting tune that immediately caught my attention when it played over the credits of the movie.

The Thunderegg cd is good, a little more mellow and laid back than I expected. Kind of like a modernized Grateful Dead sound, which is a good thing to me.

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  1. That Bird York song is beautiful. I learned from watching the first half of the Crash commentary that she is sometimes on The West Wing, which is one of my favorite TV shows as you know. And, her character’s name is Andi, short for Andrea, just like me! And her hair is red! She’s me! hehehe right.

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