Goapele: Closer

I have a confession to make: I sometimes watch So You Think You Can Dance. Not every week, but enough to be embarrassed by it. Or enough for some to think I should be embarrassed by it, though I’m not really.

Despite the stigma such reality shows have with certain music bloggers, I tend to overlook the commercial intent behind shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and even CBS’ Rockstar since they are giving unsigned music talent an opportunity to be heard. Yes, I’m rationalizing, but still. ;p

Anyway, this week a song used on So You Think You Can Dance caught my attention. If you saw the episode, it was the one played during the “modern” dance of Natalie & Musa. The song had a sensual mood to it, with what seemed like a New Age beat and soulful female vocals. After some searching, I found that the song was “Closer” by Goapele.

Goapele is a South African artist who combines the sounds and beats of world music with more traditional R&B and soul music. I haven’t heard enough from her yet to do a proper review, but I like what I’ve heard so far.

Goapele – Closer (mp3 expired)

Goapele Official Site

Buy Goapele’s Even Closer Album


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