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Out is a collection of 15 songs, 4 of which are in Gabriela’s native language of Polish. Gabriela has kindly offered up a large portion of the album (10 out of 15 songs) for download on her site. You can access links to stream the album, read the lyrics, and download mp3s, wallpapers and banners via this page. The album is now available for purchase at CDBaby.

Gaba is very supportive of file sharing and music blogs, and mostly just wants to get this music out there. So spread the word!

If you’re unfamiliar with Gabriela’s music, you can also read more about her previous works and download several other mp3s in this post. Gabriela names everyone from Diamanda Galas to Danny Elfman as her influences.

The new album was recorded between January and July of this year. I had the priveledge (or fright?:) of hearing about a great deal of the planning, recording and post-production process of Out. As a result, I have a whole new respect for independent artists like Gaba that continue to write, record, and release albums of great music purely for the love of their art and appreciation for their fans.

Though I’ve already heard several of the songs, I intend to wait until I receive the cd to do a proper review here. Until then, I’ll share what Gabriela herself had to say about the new album:

Songs about psycho killers, dangerous fairytale visitations, bigotry amongst fish, idols – either falling or already fallen, cities at war, and owners of bone-instruments, to mention a few subjects. And among them, you will hear Beach Boys style choirs, references to Alien, the air of Weillesque cabaret, trips back to ’80 pop and infectious, fast, jazzy romps. “Out” is a sort of weird musical, which alternately sounds like a delicate, eerie music-box, and a tumultuous piano-rock wave of musical imagination.”

Much like her debut, it is firmly rooted in a very Kurt Weill’esque sense of cabaret, but the new, rich arrangements, varying instrumentation, and a far more confident production, have expanded its scope of mood and style into diverse, often surprising directions.

And so, we have the fast, jazzy piano romps of old, and dark serenades depicting fairytale visitations, but right next to them are the 80’s influenced pop of “Krolestwo i pol”, Beach Boys style backing vocals of “Shark”, operatic (s)punk of “Death won’t save the day”, and mysterious, filmic climates in the likes of “Out” and “An Orange”.

What remains a constant is Gabriela’s rich and flexible vocal style, rising and plunging with the music, nailing the emotional undercurrents of the album.

And just like the music, in turn intimate and rapacious, the songs’ subject matters cover a broad range of attitudes – some distance themselves with irony and tongue-in-cheek cool, others plunge right in and go straight for the throat (or heart). Lovers are shunned, cities fall, artists sell out, fairytale-entities seduce little girls, people dieā€¦ that sort of fun. It’s all in there.

As far as lyrics are concerned, “Out” marks the first time four songs in Gabriela’s native tongue, Polish, have been included. You can find the lyrics’ translations on her website.

In short, what “Out” sets out to be is a trip to the fringes of what a dark musical theatre should be, a delicate music box and a tumultuous rock performance wrapped into one.” – Gabriela Kulka

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