2006 Top Ten Albums

After much deliberation and frustration at the number of albums I had to choose from this year, following are my picks for Top Ten Albums of 2006 including links to their reviews:

1. Old Crow Medicine Show: Big Iron World
2. Hem: Funnel Cloud
3. Damien Dempsey: Shots
4. The Frames: The Cost
5. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band: Big Damn Nation
6. Jeffrey Foucalt: Ghost Repeater
7. Rykarda Parasol: Our Hearts First Meet
8. Amy Winehouse: Back To Black
9. Allison Crowe: This Little Bird
10. A tie between Megan Palmer: Forget Me Not and Laura Gibson: If You Come To Greet Me (I love the albums equally)

*Edited in 2007 after catching up on 2006 releases.

6 thoughts on “2006 Top Ten Albums

  1. It’s a delight to see Allison (Crowe)’s “This Little Bird” in your year-end list. I’m hopeful that, over the next month, I’ll have a little extra time, and will explore the sounds of your other favourites for 2006.

    Here’s to great music and times!

    With any luck, Muruch, we may meet before too long! at the Mountain Stage, or another venue ( :

    Happy holidays!!

  2. Adrian – Thank you for your continual support of this blog. I would love to meet you & Allison at Mountain Stage! I’ve got another Allison review coming up this week (Wood Hall). I’ll email you when it’s published. 🙂

  3. Personally, Songs to Love and Die by sould also be on list. Their arrangement of music is just perfect. “Quicksand”,”Never Enough” are my favourite.

    “EP the boats and birds” from Gregory and the Hawk is the best indie ep in 2006 in my eyes.

    ep “media murdered the young” from a chinese band called “Los” in a new label “miniless recordings” is also recommendable.

    Sooo glad to find your blog, btw, which connects me to the western music in the first time.

    Love from China.

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