Catie Curtis: Long Night Moon

It’s fitting that Catie Curtis thanks public radio in the liner notes of her latest release, Long Night Moon. I first heard her music long, long ago on NPR’s World Cafe. Her live in studio performances of “Radical” and “The Wolf” made me rush out to buy her debut album, Truth From Lies. In those pre-Lilith Fair days, such a raw and stripped down acoustic sound was rare for female artists. Catie’s new album shows how much her musical style has matured while still maintaining the purity and sincerity that first drew me to her music.

“Find You Now” opens the album with a strong beat beneath a mix of acoustics, electric, and piano. The sound of the music is a bit more polished than I’m accustomed to hearing from Catie, but it only emphasizes the pretty tone of her voice.

“Strange” has a softer acoustic sound with a small and eclectic hint of bluegrass courtesy of mandolin, dulcimer, piano, organ, and orchestra bells. “Water And Stone” features country singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter on harmony vocals.

“It’s A Wonder” has harmony vocals by Mark Erelli. It’s a simpler but very beautiful tune with a sweet vocal melody and strings. Catie sounds a little like Heather Nova on “Rope Swings And Avalanches”.

“People Look Around” has subtle political and social commentary within its poetic lyrics. “Innocent” is a lovely cello and piano song. “Passing Through” again has Mark Erelli on harmony vocal.

“Hey California” is the highlight of the album. The track features Erin McKeown on harmony vocal over an upbeat tempo meshed with slide guitar and dulcimer.

“Long Night Moon” closes the album with twangy lapsteel, guitars, and piano beneath a soulful vocal performance.

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