Queen Esther: Talkin’ Fishbowl Blues

    Queen Esther is a singer-songwriter and performance artist who describes her own music as “Black Americana”. I suppose that’s as accurate as any description could be, though it may over simply her sundry sound. There is definitely a rootsy twang to her debut album Talkin’ Fishbowl Blues, but more often her vocals and guitar hint at Southern rock, blues, and soul.

    Tracks like “Promise Me”, “Talkin’ Fishbowl Blues”, and “New York City” vibrate and hum on blues guitar and Esther’s rich voice, which effortlessly flows from a deep throaty tone up into a pretty semi-yodel. “Shine” floats a little lighter on a country-pop rhythm, while “Taster’s Choice” is a swaying lap steel soul ballad.

    “So Real” is a catchy one, with a staccato drum beat beneath searing blues guitar and bass. It reminds me a little of Laura Love. “The Way Of The World” is another attention grabber, stirring the sweet notes of a flute into a funky riff.

    Queen Esther gives a lovely a capella vocal performance on “Help Me”, before closing the album with a stripped down rendition of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”.

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