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Sylvie Lewis is what you could call an international singer-songwriter. She studied cello in Switzerland, opera in the U.K., and songwriting, piano and guitar in Boston. She relocated to Spain to write material for Translations, and now resides in Rome, Italy. Sylvie’s endearingly eclectic style glides through the breezy retro-pop of Sarah Shannon and jaunty sepia tone of Devon Sproule with a touch of moody crooning similar to Eleni Mandell. And Sylvie’s voice is one of the most naturally pretty and pristine that I’ve ever heard.

Songs like “Starsong”, “Say In Touch”, “Something To Dream To”, and “Old Queens, Monet and Me” have a smooth but airy soulfulness to them. Despite the sunny title, the melody of “Happy Like That” suggests a more bittersweet emotion.

Sylvie’s voice is especially lovely and clear on “If It Don’t Come Easy”, the operatic romance “Just You”, the elegant string and horn arrangements “Isobel” and “Cheap Ain’t Free”, and the enchanting finale “Your Voice Carries”.

I had a wonderful experience watching Sylvie perform at Mountain Stage last night (review on the way) and also had the chance to speak with her briefly after the show. She is both a delightful and enchanting performer on stage, and a very friendly person. Catch her in concert if you can. Tour dates and audio samples at the links below.

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