I feel like I need to let the music section of my brain rest a bit after that awesome Mountain Stage concert. So I thought I’d share some of my tv viewing.

I’m excited about the upcoming seasons of Friday Night Lights and The Office. I was a little disappointed with the second season premiere of Heroes, but it’s still on my watch list (not the least because of Kristen Bell & David Anders joining the cast). How I Met Your Mother was still great thanks Barney, Marshall & Lily, despite the main plot heading into Ross/Rachel territory.

House and Law & Order: SVU had pretty good premieres, but it remains to be seen if I’ll be interested in their entire seasons. Just when I thought I’d stop watching 24, I heard a major plot/casting spoiler that will surely make me try another season. I’ll probably tune in for Lost in hopes that the flash forwards revitalize the show. Ya know, plus I love Locke and Desmond.

The new shows on the schedule are slowly being eliminated. Only three have made my list so far. I was surprised by how much I liked Journeyman, but then I’m a sucker for time travel stories (Voyagers, Quantum Leap, The Time Traveler’s Wife). Bionic Woman was even better than I expected, combining the best elements of Alias with The Matrix direction. And I was pleasantly shocked by how much I loved Dirty Sexy Money. It’s like a funnier Royal Tenenbaums or a more dramatic Arrested Development.

Addendum: I loved Pushing Daisies! It’s by the creator of Wonderfalls and stars the guy who played Jaye’s brother, plus Chi McBride (formerly of Boston Public) and Kristen Chenowhatever from Wicked the Musical. Pushing Daisies has been compared to Six Feet Under, which I guess is accurate considering the plot. But it’s much lighter, sweeter, and more colourful – like a cross between Wonderfalls, Amelie, Lemony Snicket, and Big Fish.

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  1. Well, if anything gets compared to Arrested Development, I’m down to try a few episodes at least.

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