Bernadette Seacrest & Her Yes Men: Live

Bernadette Seacrest’s Live album was recorded in 2005 in Sante Fe, New Mexico. The disc holds a similar jazz sound to Seacrest’s studio release, No More Music By The Suckers, and is again overflowing with classic covers. I prefer the studio album’s sassy style and focus on Bernadette’s voice rather than the subdued band jamming live set, but it’s worth it for gems like “Summertime”, “When The Sun Comes”, and “Fever”.

After a lengthy instrumental intro, Bernadette’s warm and trembling voice slinks into “Summertime” and “Nobody’s Cryin'”. Bernadette keeps the spotlight on the low key “So Cruel”, and the sultry pairing of “When The Sun Comes” and “Fever”.

The band unfortunately takes over on several tunes, beginning with the cover of Duke Ellington’s “Caravan”. If you favor jazz instrumentalists to vocalists, you’ll probably enjoy their playing time. But I found myself waiting impatiently through the jams for Bernadette to resume singing.

The disc includes four bonus tracks – the swaying “Wrong Turn”, an alternate take on “Money”, the brassy “Man’s Ruin”, and the quiet finale “Rain”.

Bernadette Seacrest – Nobody’s Cryin’ (mp3)
Bernadette Seacrest – Wrong Turn (mp3)
Bernadette Seacrest – Money (mp3)
Bernadette Seacrest – Man’s Ruin (mp3)
Bernadette Seacrest – Rain (mp3)

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