Sonya Cotton: Out Of The Ocean

Sonya Cotton’s music has an acoustic folk sound akin to Dar Williams or the softer side of Lizzie West. Out Of The Ocean was recorded in a Connecticut cabin by lake, which seems a fitting setting for this pristine set. Sonya’s voice is pretty and subtle, much like her poetic lyrics and melodies.

Where comes the line between giving up and trying when your open owl face is oceans away? You’re oceans away. Where has my vessel gone? They’ve stolen it for a boat, and my gray walls have flooded now.

It’s difficult to pick out particular tracks on Out Of The Ocean, as the songs don’t have distinguishing qualities so much as they flow together to create an evenly tranquil mood. The lovely “Open Owl Face” is probably my favourite, with “Baby Isabella”, “Tumbleweeds”, and “Frozen Hands” close behind.

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  1. Ooh, I haven’t heard of her before…I’m off to check out her website. Thank you for the tip-off! If it’s Lizzie West-esque, that is a good start!

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