Elsewhere: My Top 5 Blogs O’ The Moment

As my online time and patience continue to dwindle, there are only a few blogs that I still bother to read regularly. Here are the current Top 5:

1 The Late Greats

The Duke and his Duchess seem to be clones of my hubby and me, at least when it comes to their taste in music. The Late Greats is the only blog that I read daily, because I always love everything posted there. Artists we love in common include Eleni Mandell, Sylvie Lewis, The Avett Brothers, Jeremy Fisher, and The Felice Brothers. If nothing else, check out The Late Greats’ One Song Lost Recap series.

2 Keep The Coffee Coming

Kat’s blog is an old favorite of mine. There was a time when it seemed she was the only one posting old country and folk tunes. Her format is unique, posting songs with little or no description with personal writing that seems ripped from an antique journal.

3 Songs: Illinois

Craig’s taste in music is so similar to mine that I’ve received emails from record labels addressed to him. I almost always like the artists featured on the blog, and he is obsessively dedicated to posting music that hasn’t been covered elsewhere. Not only has Songs: Illinois led me to great music, but also to other blogs I enjoy.

4 Cover Lay Down

Boyhowdy and I found each other through Songs: Illinois…as I recall, posting about our love for the now defunct No Depression magazine. I was surprised to find that Cover Lay Down is a relatively new blog, because the content seems so much more eloquent and sincere than what most of the newer breed of bloggers produce.

5 Said The Gramophone

Another old favorite. It can sometimes be daunting to decipher Sean’s eccentric prose, but also entertaining and refreshing to see so much thought put into it. And often the music there speaks for itself.

Some other blogs of note are Shake Your Fist, Benn loxo du taccu, Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands, Setting The Woods On Fire, and all the other blogs listed as “Elsewhere” on my sidebar.

One thought on “Elsewhere: My Top 5 Blogs O’ The Moment

  1. Muruch,

    I’m honored my blog is listed in your honorable mention section. Setting The Woods On Fire is working hard to crack the top 5, but the competition is fierce!

    I’m so busy with work and my own blog that I miss a lot of the great stuff out there like your site–until now. It looks great and you’ve got some great stuff here. I’ve added Muruch to my blogroll.

    Thanks again!

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