Flogging Molly: Float

Flogging Molly is back with Float. The thing I love most about the Irish punk band’s music is that Flogging Molly can rock and growl with the best of the Celtic Punks, yet they don’t sacrifice substance or melody in order to do so. The structure and components of their songs are hearty enough that they would still be solid even if stripped of all the bluster and noise. Float is no exception, though perhaps not quite as captivating as previous efforts. There’s no true stunner here, no “Devil’s Dance Floor” or “Another Bag or Bricks” or even “Light Of A Fading Star”. Rather, the new tunes tend to run together in a glorious and exciting riot of sound.

“Requiem For A Dying Song” is a rousing hyperactive start, “(No More) Paddy’s Lament” keeps the fast tempo but gives it a dark edge. “You Won’t Make A Fool Out Of Me” and “The Lightning Storm” kick up the dust again in a whirlwind of shouts and tempestuous orchestration. Many of the other tracks – the most notable being “Man With No Country” – sustain the cacophonous breakneck pace.

There are a few brief reprieves amidst the noise in the softer and more serious tone of “Float” and “Us Of Lesser Gods”, both of which emphasize the prettiness of the stringed instruments and allow the melodic grit of Dave King’s voice to shine.

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