Elsewhere: Cover Lay Down’s Mega Gallows Pole Post

As I said before, Cover Lay Down is one of my favorite blogs. It is so refreshing and rare to read a blog in which every single post is a lengthy, well written, intelligent piece of work that obviously had a great amount of both time and thought put into it.

One such example is their recent post on the history and various versions of the song Gallows Pole. I was familiar with and fond of the Lead Belly and Plant/Page renditions of the classic song, but the rest was news to me.

It’s astonishing and sad that some blogs receive copious amounts of praise and comments for posting a single, bland “indie-rock” mp3, while this extensive, interesting, and fantastic piece of writing has virtually gone unnoticed. So take a moment and read what guest blogger Dean wrote about the tune’s origins, download the many covers he uploaded, and please take the time to comment there with your appreciation for his effort.

Cover Lay Down Gallows Pole Post

2 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Cover Lay Down’s Mega Gallows Pole Post

  1. I agree that Dean, who usually blogs at Snuhthing/Anything and Star Maker Machine, did a great job keeping the Cover Lay Down tradition alive. Unfortunately, I will be temporarily destroying that tradition when my guest post on Hank Williams covers appears at Cover Lay Down on Friday.

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