My Requests

Someone recently asked what I want from readers, bloggers, PR reps, etc. So here are my answers…


1. Please don’t hotlink my mp3s or images, all of which are posted with permission.

2. Please don’t copy and re-post exactly what I’ve written without credit (as in a link to my site and some indication that the content has been quoted). I don’t expect or care about credit if someone posts about the same music (the more, the merrier!), just don’t steal my words.

3. If you enter and win one of my contests, please reply to my email asking for your mailing address within a freakin’ month. Otherwise the prize is going to someone else.

4. Please don’t ask to be added to my blogroll if you post full albums or lists of mp3 downloads without any original content. To each his own, but I’m just not into that.

5. Please comment if you like something, or even if you don’t. 🙂

PR Companies, Labels, Artists, etc. :

1. Please put the name of the band you are actually emailing about in the subject line, not some tricky reference to another band that has nothing to do with them. A genre description would be nice, too.

2. Please don’t say you will send a CD if you won’t. And don’t bother asking me to post any mp3s, videos, or contests if you can’t at least give me a digital download of the entire album (I prefer CDs). I like to know what I’m endorsing, thank you very much.

3. Please let me know what the mp3 policy is for the CD if you do send it, or at least answer my first email asking for permission instead of waiting until after I post the review. Otherwise, I’ll assume that it’s okay to post an mp3.

4. Please do not email me more than once about a single subject, it just clogs my inbox and makes me more likely to ignore what you are sending.

5. Please do not ask me to hold a review or mp3 just so a “bigger” blog can post it first, or at least be honest if that is what you are doing.

Ps. The above was not directed toward any of the nice PR people that I’ve had a “working relationship” with – if I’ve replied to your emails, posted your music, etc. I really do appreciate the free music! It just gets a little overwhelming sometimes. 🙂

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  1. I like the diversity of the music you post. I can follow directions. Keep up the good work!

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