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Somewhere is a new collection of Eva Cassidy recordings that will be released on August 26th. I’ve mentioned my adoration of Cassidy’s astonishing voice many times over the years, particularly on her covers of “Autumn Leaves” and “Fields of Gold”. Eva died of melanoma in 1996 at the young age of 33, unaware of the fresh cult of fans that would hungrily consume her posthumous releases – Songbird reached #1 on the British charts five years after her death. The new album features a selection of previously unreleased covers and two original songs co-written by Eva.

is time my redeemer?
loneliness my only friend?
just once in a lifetime
strangers share a common end

Somewhere opens with a gentle rendering of Dolly Parton’s “Coat Of Many Colors”. More beautiful is the traditional Scottish song “My Love is Like a Red Red Rose”, as Eva’s voice glides effortlessly from the softest tones up into that chill producing stratosphere that only her voice could reach.

Cassidy shifts into a bluesier depth sprinkled with a few Aretha wails on “Ain’t Doin’ Too Bad”, then tackles Franklin’s “Chain of Fools”. The Queen of Soul remains the sole owner of the classic tune, but Eva’s howling cover came as close as anyone ever did at succeeding the throne.

“Won’t Be Long” blooms from tinny rock-a-billy to robust blues, followed by a sultry Texas swing rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight”. “A Bold Young Farmer” is another lovely, melancholy traditional ballad. Eva gives “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” a delicately emotive treatment, while her cover of “Summertime” is an airy piece of acoustic accented jazz.

“Early One Morning” and the album’s title track are the first two songs co-written by Eva Cassidy that have been unearthed so far. The former is the stunner on the album, as Cassidy and co-writer Rob Cooper culled lyrics from a traditional English folk song and transformed it into a haunting piece of Delta blues. The latter serves as the album’s atmospheric finale.

I was not granted permission to share an mp3 from the album, but you can hear samples of each track here.

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4 thoughts on “Eva Cassidy: Somewhere

  1. This is a very special time for Fans of Eva Cassidy. The thought of hearing new material from this brilliant artist is something her legions of admirers could only dream of, until now. I urge anyone who reads this post to find a moment and listen to her incomparable voice. I have never heard a voice as magnificent and moving as Eva’s. Listen to her just once and you will be a fan forever.

  2. I’d expect nothing less than stellar musicianship from Eva, but how’s the sound quality? One worries about the Nick Drake / Elliot Smith / Jeff Buckley bootleg phenomenon: to wit, that what remains unreleased after so many posthumous releases is audible, but muddied, else it would have been released much earlier. I’d like to hope, but would prefer a realistic assessment…

  3. Rob: I agree! Even friends with completely different music taste from mine seem to fall in love with Eva’s voice.

    Boyhowdy: Judging sound quality on my crap stereo is difficult, but I think most of the album sounds pretty good. Some songs are fainter than others, but the recordings were pumped up in studio by multi-tracking Eva’s voice…particularly the two songs she co-wrote sound almost brand new.

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