Ani Difranco: Red Letter Year

Ani Difranco‘s album Red Letter Year will be released on September 30. You can download the song “Emancipated Minor” from the new CD below.

I love the Red Letter Year‘s title track, which opens the album. It’s a moody piece with muffled vocals and Difranco’s signature lyrical prose.

Unfortunately, most of the album seems to be performed in the exact same manner as the opener. As much as I love Difranco’s early albums, I’ve felt that each of her recent releases (aside from the retrospective Canon) have gotten stuck in a particular style so that the individual songs don’t really stand out.

Not that anything Ani records is bad and Red Letter Year is certainly strong in lyrical content, but a full album requires a little more variety in its arrangements and production to hold my attention. But I digress. If you like the mp3 below, I definitely recommend tracking down the song “Red Letter Year” if not the entire album.

Ani Difranco – Emancipated Minor (mp3 removed)

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  1. I totally agree with you about the point that alot of Ani’s recent albums are full of great songs but there isn’t too much variety with the album! Great blog….always some interesting news whenever I visit!


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