Elsewhere: My Top 5 Blogs O’ The Moment

Last March, I posted my first Top 5 Blogs O’ The Moment. Though I still enjoy those blogs, only one can still be considered a true favorite. So it’s time for an updated list…

1 Cover Lay Down

Cover Lay Down was #4 on my previous list, since they were a relatively new blog at the time. But in the past year, I’ve been increasingly impressed by Boy Howdy’s eloquence and sincerity, as well as the gorgeous songs he chooses to share. His heartfelt love for folk music kept the blog going even as his reviews were unfairly deleted by Blogger, and he handled the attacks with the grace and maturity I’ve come to associate with his writing. Cover Lay Down continues the tradition of No Depression Magazine*, which is the highest compliment I can give to any music blog.

2 Song, By Toad

As you can tell by my recent reviews, I like most of the bands signed to Song, By Toad Records. But it’s not so much the music on the Song, By Toad blog that draws me as the refreshingly blunt manner in which Matthew writes. I’m a fan of honesty and sarcasm, and Toad has an abundance of both. He also encourages and receives enthusiastic and sometimes volatile feedback from his readers, which make the discussions found in the comments as interesting as his posts.

3 Wears The Trousers

Wears The Trousers is more of an online music magazine than a simple blog. They offer music news, release dates, and exclusive interviews in addition to their in-depth reviews. They shine the light on female musicians of all genres, from a decidedly British perspective.

4 Speed of Dark

Speed of Dark is written by a mother and daughter team (“Alt-gramma” and “Indie Mom”). They tend to like indie-rock more than I do, but I love music blogs that actually describe the sound of songs as opposed to just offering mp3s or quoting lyrics.

5 Pop Go The 80s

I don’t know who writes this blog, but I adore them. Every post is devoted to a single song from the 1980s. Despite the often cheesy nature of the era, the content of the blog is intelligent and informative. We’re given rare glimpses into the history of the artists as well as the songs themselves. If not for the limited genre, Pop Go The 80s would be my favorite music blog.

*Honorable mention to the newly revamped No Depression. The now defunct print version was by far my favorite magazine, and their website is quickly becoming a favorite online destination.

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  1. Right back at you, Muruch! I’ve been very impressed with the way you’ve handled the bloggergate thing, continue to expect great taste and tastefulness from you, presented with care and creative consideration, and am glad to see Song, By Toad here — if it weren’t for Matt, I’d be that much less connected to the wonder that is the modern britfolk scene. Now, off to check out the others…

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