5 thoughts on “What Were Your Favorites In 2008?

  1. 1. Sara Storer – Silvr Skies
    2. Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue
    3. Kathleen Edwards – Asking for Flowers
    4. She & Him: Volume One
    5. Anna Ternheim – Leaving on a Mayday
    6. Monade – Monstre Comic

  2. 10? Umm…

    Albums: (Some released in 2007 *AND* 2008 – Some import only)
    Elsiane – Hyrbrid
    Ane Brun – Changing of the Seasons
    Anna Ternheim – Halfway to Fivepoints / Leaving on a Mayday
    Lykke Li – Youth Novels
    Tilly and the Wall – O
    Basia Bulat – Oh, My Darling
    Britta Persson – Kill Hollywood Me
    Arrica Rose & the …’s – La La Lost
    Thao N. – We Brave Bee Stings and All
    Samantha Crain – The Confiscation EP
    Noa Babayof – From A Window To A Wall
    Shannon Rose & The Thorns – Sing Me A Song
    Cruel Black Dove – Full Powers [Mini-LP]
    Sia – Some People Have Real Problems
    Arianna Solare – Book of Us [EP]
    The Watson Twins – Fire Songs
    Liz Durrett – Outside Our Gates
    Lex Land – Orange Days on Lemon Street
    The Ropes – What They Do For Fun
    Frida Hyvönen – Silence Is Wild
    The Blue Seeds – The Blue Seeds
    Alu – Lobotomy Sessions
    Kelly De Martino – Honest
    Essie Jain – We Made This Ourselves / The Inbetween
    Joan As Police Woman – To Survive
    Love Thieves – Love Thieves
    K.C. McKanzie – Hammer & Nails
    Mooli – Concubine
    My Brightest Diamond – A Thousand Shark’s Teeth
    The Whole Bolivian Army – morning after food poisoning in the south of France
    Rachael Yamagata – Elephants… …
    Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue

    Laura Marling – The Captain And The Hourglass
    Elsiane – Mend
    Tilly and the Wall – Blood Flowers
    Liz Durrett – We Build Bridges
    Anna Ternheim – Better Be / Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac cover)
    Polly Scattergood – Nitrogen Pink
    Ane Brun – The Treehouse Song
    Lex Land – As Much As You Lead
    Arrica Rose and the …’s – Paper Hearts
    Noa Babayof – Indian Queen
    Sublimatus – Khyber Pass

    Obscura Incubatus:
    Florence And The Machine – Postcards From Italy (demo of a Beirut cover I believe)
    Olenka and The Autumn Lovers – Birdsong
    The Ropes – I Don’t Like To Get Dirty
    Rose Elinor Dougall (ex Pipette) – Another Version Of Pop Song


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