Great Northern: Remind Me Where The Light Is

Great Northern will release their sophomore album Remind Me Where The Light Is on April 28th. I personally did not find their previous release to be very memorable, which is obviously why I can’t recall much about it. However, Remind Me Where The Light Is has a much more captivating sound. Los Angeles duo Rachel Stolte and Solon Bixler finally seem to have embraced the eerie darkness suggested by their moniker, which I assume is an homage to the hotel in Twin Peaks.

“Story” is the atmospheric, call and response pop-rock opener. There’s a darker undertone to the opening verse of “Houses” despite Rachel Stolte’s melodic vocal. A burst of guitar ushers in the chorus, then recedes behind the duo’s intertwined harmonies. Stolte claims “Houses” speaks of accepting the truth of your life no matter how painful, while the more melancholy “Driveway” expresses the longing to be adored to the point of obsession (or as one of my favorite novels says: “to be loved to madness”).

“Fingers” is the true beginning of the album for me. Ominous instrumentation is barely restrained as Stolte’s sultry croon initially floats in, then haunting sonic waves spur the song onto a lighter cloud of pop.

“Snakes” is a soaring pop-rock number that I suspect would produce chills in a live performance. Hopefully Great Northern will play Mountain Stage so I can test that theory out. Solon Bixler takes the lead on “Stop” and has just enough spirit in his voice to make the song sound more like Grant Lee Buffalo than the current bland indie-boys.

The darkly seductive sound of “New Tricks” is another stand out moment on Remind Me Where The Light Is. The song would fit well in any of David Lynch’s projects, particularly the afore-mentioned Twin Peaks. And “Numbers” has the slow-building tension of Motorcycle’s “As The Rush Comes“. Every time I listen to this album, I like it even more.

Eenie Meenie Records were kind enough to grant me permission to offer the following mp3 for two weeks, and have also given advance authorization for me to share “Fingers” later this month. So if you like what you hear, check back in a few weeks for the other mp3.

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Great Northern – Houses (mp3) *

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Great Northern – Fingers (mp3 expired)

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6 thoughts on “Great Northern: Remind Me Where The Light Is

  1. I could never get into these guys… I feel for them though, they came through town with the Gutter Twins last year and played to damn near an empty room

    not cool for any band… but reflective of their un-raditude

  2. Chris – I was so bored by their last album that I didn’t bother reviewing it, but I love this one. It’ll be a year end contender for me. I’m driving my husband mad listening to it on repeat in the car every day.

  3. Awww, I *loved* Trading Twilight For Daylight! I’m really enjoying this one as well, though. Nice review Vic!

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  5. I got a chance to listen to most of their new album and I dig it. I loved their first one, Trading Twilight For Daylight and so far, I’m liking this one even better. Can’t wait until Remind Me Where The Light Is comes out on the 28th!

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