Sweetback Sisters: Chicken Ain’t Chicken

Chicken Ain’t Chicken is the debut full-length album by Sweetback Sisters, and it will be released on June 30th. It can only be called a country album, though there are definitely elements of folk, jazz, and even funk thrown in. The strength lies the honeyed harmony of the gals and the twang-blues ruckus of certain songs, but the weakness seems to be found in songs that get a little too quirky for their own good.

The first portion of the album is charming and captivating, starting with the jaunty Western swing of “Cowboy Girl” – which has a surprising and brief burst of male opera vocals that reminds me of Joss Whedon’s “Grr Argh” logo. The pretty ballad “Virginia” follows, then there’s a funky cover of Roger Miller’s “My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died”.

Unfortunately, something about the songs in the middle just started to irk me. At first I thought it was simply that I’ve burned myself out on country and folk (I’ve been listening to more rock lately), but I love the last few songs so I don’t know…even on repeated listens tracks 4-11 just grated on my nerves.

But then the sweet vocal harmony of “The Sweetest Gift” and the hyper honky tonk finale “You’re Gone Again” won me back over. So I can’t say I like the entire album, but I adore the songs that bookend it.

Sweetback Sisters – Cowboy Girl (mp3 removed)

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2 thoughts on “Sweetback Sisters: Chicken Ain’t Chicken

  1. Country is a difficult genre these days. If you’re not strict, straight up hank williams, johnny cash country then you either have to edge towards rock, funk, or the cheesier side of things.

    These kids have a good balance that is going to please a wide range of “country lovers” whether their the more modern listeners (such as yourself) or an old timer like me.

    But you’re right it’s a strong opening and strong finish! I wish them luck with this debut. I saw them live once, and I think that opera voice is one of the lead singers. The lot of them are hilarious, go out to a show sometime I think they’ll win you over.

    Thanks for all your great reviews! -Carly.

  2. I liked the Mp3 it’s a silly in a very fun way and their drummer reminds me a little of Squirrel Nut Zipper. Digging the new layout btw 🙂

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