Mp3 Menagerie: Arborea, AM, Hopewell

Arborea – Beirut (mp3 expired) *

Haunting, beautiful ballad by Maine musical dueo Arborea, from their new album House of Sticks. Recommended to fans of Alela Diane.

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arborea - House of Sticks

*mp3 provided by & posted w/ permission of artist

Arborea MySpace


AM – Grand Opinion (mp3) *

Mellow, atmospheric song from singer-songwriter who recently toured with The Rescues, from AM’s new album Future Sons & Daughters.

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AM - Future Sons & Daughters (Bonus Track Version)

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of Filter Magazine

AM MySpace


Hopewell – Stranger (mp3) *

Sprawling space rock from Hopewell’s new album Good Good Desperation.

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Hopewell - Good Good Desperation

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of label

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