Gaba Kulka & Amander Palmer: Delilah Video

Those who attended Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley’s performance in Prague last night received a special treat – Polish singer-songwriter Gaba Kulka opened the show, served as “elephant puppet operator,” and also sang a duet of “Delilah” with Amanda Palmer (video below).

If you’ve found this post searching for information on Gaba Kulka (formerly known as Gabriela Kulka), I’ve reviewed all of her albums over the past 10 years and I can’t recommend her music enough.

Gaba’s most recent album Hat, Rabbit was my #4 of 2009 and also made it to my Best Albums of the Decade list.

Gaba has been an online acquaintance of mine for nearly a decade – I was the “Vic” thanked in Out‘s liner notes and if you’ve ever seen her wear a purple necklace with a green dragonfly charm, I made that!

Knowing how Gaba struggled to get her music career going in those early days, and learning through her how much hard work really goes into creating and recording an album changed how I viewed artists and was a big inspiration for me in starting this website to support them.

I’ve been waiting all of these years for the rest of the world to discover what an amazing musical talent Gaba Kulka is, and I’m so excited that it seems to finally be happening.

Gaba Kulka & Amanda Palmer – Delilah (live) (YouTube Video)

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