Lucy Schwartz: New Album & Mp3

My 2008 review of Lucy Schwartz’s debut Winter in June began with the line “I’m always puzzled when certain female singer-songwriters receive mainstream popularity and media attention while others like seventeen year old Lucy Schwartz remain in the shadows.” Now 20 years old, Lucy has since been heard in several tv shows and movies and her recent EP Help Me! Help Me! made the blogrounds. Her sophomore full-length album Life in Letters will be released on August 31st, and you can download a free mp3 of the non-album single “When We Were Young” by entering your email address in the widget below…

Life in Letters Track List:

My Darling
Rain City
I Want The Sky
Life in Letters
Those Days
Shadow Man
Gone Away
Somebody To Save
Take a Picture

The album is not yet available for pre-order, but should be at the links below closer to the release date…

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Lucy Schwartyz MySpace

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