Amanda Palmer & Tristan Allen: János vs. Wonderland Mp3

Walking home from a rehearsal one August evening, Amanda Palmer took a random photograph of three Berklee students who were hugging on a bench. One of them, Tristan Allen, turned out to be a fan of Amanda’s band The Dresden Dolls and a piano player himself. Allen invited Amanda to his home to hear his music and long story short, the spontaneous jam session resulted in a webcast and an Amanda Palmer fan-funded debut EP by Tristan Allen. You can hear the duo “duet” in the following piano instrumental they wrote and recorded together for the album. Tristan’s debut featuring Amanda Palmer will be released and available on Kickstarter in December.

Amanda Palmer & Tristan Allen – János vs. Wonderland

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist’s PR rep

Buy @ Amazon (not yet available)

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