Muruch Classic Albums Appreciation Club: Week 13

Last week’s pick, Radiohead’s The Bends, was even better than I remembered. It’s not an album I’ve listened to much in recent years, simply because it’s tied to some intense memories and emotions that I’m not always prepared to relive (ah, the power of music-induced nostalgia!). When I do listen to it, though, I’m surprised at how inaccurate my memory is regarding the album’s mood. Radiohead’s music, particularly their early albums, has often been inaccurately described as depressing and time always seems to lead me back to that misperception. But listening to The Bends again, I was struck at how beautifully and brilliantly they embellished even their most melancholy melodies with rock riffs and electronic beats. The sneering rock “Just” reminds me why Muse is always compared to Radiohead, but “High and Dry,” “Fake Plastic Trees,” “Black Star” and especially “Street Spirit” remain unparalleled in their elegiac elegance. Now for something a little more upbeat and fun…

This week’s classic album is…Cyndi Lauper: She’s So Unusual

To recap the procedure here: At the beginning of each week, I’ll post brief thoughts on the previous week’s listening experience along with the coming week’s classic album selection. Then sometime in the week that follows, we’ll all take the time to listen to the album from beginning to end with no distractions. It can be as simple as just getting away from the computer to listen alone or you can make an event of it with candles, beverages and friends. Whatever format you play the album in or the manner in which you listen, just give the music your full and undivided attention.

Feel free to comment or email your opinions of our selections and recommendations for classic albums (from any decade, including this one).

4 thoughts on “Muruch Classic Albums Appreciation Club: Week 13

  1. Hey Muruch,

    Staying away from the forum, had enough of that nonsense. But, seriously this is the only music blog that I read. I love what you do!

    Very well said about The Bends. A lot of Radiohead fans always cite OK Computer as the best. Not me. The Bends will always be my favorite. I’ve been kind of lost on Radiohead over the past few years but probably because I haven’t given proper time to their latest work. Personally, I just wish they would do another Bends type album. I like experimentation but also like staying with a certain sound.

    Hey, something else on par. In the 80s, my brother was a DJ for a college radio station down here in little Melbourne, Florida. Commonly referred to as Melboring, Florida. Anyways, Cyndi Lauper and The Bangles came to town. The Bangles were the opener before Cyndi came on. And, I will always remember that concert, awesome. Cyndi was incredible and the ladies of The Bangles were too. My brother got to interview The Bangles for his radio dj gig and was/still is in love with those ladies. Me too.

    Hate to admit this but don’t know the latest on Cyndi’s career or The Bangles? I need to research that.

    Well, again thanks for the wonderful blog. I don’t like music blogs much anymore, but Muruch is the exception. Great job!


  2. Merz/David – Wow, I’m honored! Thank you very much for reading and for taking the time to comment. 🙂 I’ve never understood why OK Computer has always been more popular than The Bends. Sure, it was a great album. But I think The Bends stood out more both as a whole and for the individual songs.

    I have no idea what The Bangles are up to, but Cyndi Lauper’s still making music. She released a blues album (Memphis Blues) and went on tour last year and also made some media appearances with Lady Gaga.

    Btw, if you ever feel inspired to write a review (or rambling essay!)about music, movies, books, events, etc., you are always welcome to guest post here.

  3. I remember at the time a lot of debate re Cyndi vs. Madonna in terms of their work/attention-catching personas. And people often through in she only made a few great CDs, and never sustained it all. However, I’ve always been in her camp and I think she is a pop music treasure. Thanks to you I took out this record again, and had so much fun. Not just out of nostaglia. It just lights me up.

    Cyndi’s blues CD was nominated for a Grammy, btw. Don’t know if she won.

    Oh, and I’m a first-time commenter (new job and plenty of down time. Pleasure to stumble upon you. Nice work).

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