Muruch Classic Albums Appreciation Club: Week 21

I don’t really consider myself a Pink Floyd fan since, despite listening to their songs on the radio, I very rarely choose to listen to their music on my own. But when I do take the time to listen to it, I remember that last week’s selection, Dark Side of the Moon, is a great and truly classic album. As with most Pink Floyd songs, none of the individual tracks really jump out at me enough to remember – which is probably why I don’t think to listen to the band more often. But as a whole, the album is brilliantly composed and the definition of “atmospheric.” However, attempting to listen to it in sync with The Wizard of Oz (a.k.a. the Dark Side of the Rainbow experience) wasn’t nearly as entertaining as an adult as it was when I was a teenager, so I gave up watching the screen and just enjoyed the music.

This week’s classic album is…Heather Nova: Oyster.

To recap the procedure here: At the beginning of each week, I’ll post brief thoughts on the previous week’s listening experience along with the coming week’s classic album selection. Then sometime in the week that follows, we’ll all take the time to listen to the album from beginning to end with no distractions. It can be as simple as just getting away from the computer to listen alone or you can make an event of it with candles, beverages and friends. Whatever format you play the album in or the manner in which you listen, just give the music your full and undivided attention.

Feel free to comment or email your opinions of our selections and recommendations for classic albums (from any decade, including this one).

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