Brendan Perry: Ark

Ark is former Dead Can Dance frontman Brendan Perry’s second solo album and his first studio release in eleven years. Brendan wrote all of the lyrics, played (or programmed) every instrument himself and recorded the album in his own studio in Ireland. Lyrically, the theme of conflict – particularly within politics and war – runs throughout the album. The sound is very similar to the darkly exotic music of his old band, but with a modern electro-rock twist. As always, Brendan’s extraordinarily powerful voice is the focus of his music.

The opener “Babylon” marries the Mediterranean folk instrumentation of Toward the Within with a Gothic chasm of rock and electronics. The result sounds like a collaboration between Dead Can Dance and Bauhaus.

“The Bogus Man” turns up the electronic beats slightly, but maintains an otherworldly atmosphere as Brendan sings of political corruption.

The quietly somber ballad “Wintersun” initially sounds like a Morrissey cover, but the rhythm kicks up unexpectedly during the second half of the song.

The middle of the album, however, falls a bit flat as far as the arrangements go. There’s a fine line between melancholy and dour.

Things pick back up with the electro number “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” and “Crescent” is the delicately beautiful finale.

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