Norah Jones: …Little Broken Hearts

Norah Jones seems to have spent the past decade trying to escape the “Adult Contemporary” and “Jazz” labels slapped on her Grammy-winning debut, Come Away With Me (which I personally still love). After playing around with lackluster country and mainstream pop, Norah has finally found a dark, dreamy sound interesting enough to successfully break away from those old coffeehouse categories without losing the mellow charm that made her famous. Produced by Danger Mouse, …Little Broken Hearts spices up pretty post-breakup pop anthems with luscious splashes of noirish electro-rock.

The languid opener, “Good Morning,” sets the tone for the collection.

Funky beats and Norah’s sweetly sassy vocal swagger make “Say Goodbye” the stand out track.

The moody title track melts into the lilting melancholia of “She’s 22,” while the atmospheric “After The Fall” plays like a heartbroken sequel to “Chasing Pirates.”

Slinky Western riffs mingle with a sultry beat on “4 Broken Hearts,” and rhythmic guitar provides a delicious slow burn for the finale “All a Dream.”

…Little Broken Hearts is Norah Jones’ best and most listenable album since Come Away With Me, and her most artistically daring album to date.


Little Broken Hearts - Norah Jones

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