Dala: Best Day

Canadian duo Dala recently released their third studio album, Best Day. Dala’s penchant for peppy country-pop harmonies and melodic folk-pop melodies fall somewhere between Lady Antebellum and Sylvie Lewis.

The album begins with mandolin-accented country-pop ballad “Life on Earth,” which shows off the girls’ pretty, soprano-alto harmonies.

The title track dances and sways on sweet vocals, tinkling piano and buoyant strings. It sounds like the theme to a French romantic comedy.

The stunner “Lennon & McCartney” lives up to its title with an impressive and catchy piano melody. The lyrics are a pop culture cornucopia with references to everything from Shakespeare to Annie Hall. You can watch the video below.

Whispery vocals and sparse piano give “Father” a haunting intimacy.

And despite the overly precious blooper reel attached to it, I just couldn’t resist the perky and all too brief acapella finale “Too Many Kittens.”


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You can download a free, legal mp3 of the unreleased song “Red is the Rose” by entering your email address into the widget below…