The Trishas: High, Wide & Handsome

The Trishas are an all-female country-folk quartet. None of the band’s four members are named Trisha, rather the name was coined spontaneously for their first performance together – during which they covered a Trisha Yearwood song. That supposedly one-off performance turned into a true career and the haphazardly chosen name stuck. The Trishas’ high lonesome harmonies and catchy country tunes fall somewhere between Dixie Chicks and The Trio.

And I could have told you, darlin’, it would end up like this
When you’re kissed by a fool, you’re fooled by a kiss
And I believed you, baby, and your silver, lying tongue
You were handsome and older, I was foolish and young

The opener “Mother of Invention,” the lyrics of which lend the album its title, showcases The Trishas’ honeyed downhome harmonies and penchant for foot tappin’ Appalachian folk and country.

“Strangers,” “Liars & Fools” and “Looking At Me” are more old-fashioned country ballads with lovely weeping steel, clanging banjo and bittersweet strings.

The standout track “Little Sweet Cigars” is a haunting folk tune with a steady rhythm and a lyrical narrative of Western seduction and betrayal.

With its “set yourself on fire” refrain, “One Down” is a strangely gentle anthem for burning bridges.

“Cold-Blooded Love” is a slinky, sultry torch song by way of Tin Pan Alley.

Billie Holiday is killing me, like she’s been reading my mind” is a grand way to begin any song, as proven by “Rainin’ Inside.”

The fourteen tracks could’ve done with some trimming, as other songs seem more filler than substance. But it’s a minor gripe about an otherwise excellent recording.

Raul Malo guests on the bonus track “A Far Cry From You,” which comes as an exclusive download with the CD purchase.

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