Steeldrivers: Hammer Down

The Steeldrivers will return on February 5, 2013 with their third full-length release, Hammer Down. Unfortunately, the new album lacks the fiery freight train of blues that made their 2008 self-titled debut so brilliant. I suspect the shift in sound is due to the changes in the band’s lineup. Whatever the reason, Hammer Down is a much more mellow collection of old-timey country and bluegrass. It’s a pleasant enough listen, but somewhat of a letdown after such an extraordinary debut. Highlights are “I’ll Be There” and “Cry No Mississippi.”

Hammer Down Tracklist

01. Shallow Grave
02. How Long Have I Been Your Fool
03. When You Don’t Come Home
04. I’ll Be There
05. Burnin’ The Woodshed Down
06. Wearin’ A Hole
07. Lonesome Goodbye
08. Hell On Wheels
09. Cry No Mississippi
10. When I’m Gone

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