Introducing Dysphemic & Miss Eliza

I stumbled upon Dysphemic & Miss Eliza’s brilliant, beautiful and very cool EP, Synthetic Symphony, while browsing Bandcamp and it seems they’ve not been discovered by the world at large yet. The Australian duo are kindred spirits of Luminescent Orchestrii, playing – and apparently “pioneering” – what they deem “Classical Dub-step” music. Strings and beats, people, it’s fantastic!

DJ/Producer/MC Dysphemic (a.k.a. Julian Treweeke) and classically-trained violinist Miss Eliza met at a rave, soon fell in love and eventually joined forces to make music. Their website asks us the question: “Ever wondered what a violin making sweet, sweet love to a sub-woofer sounds like?” Wonder no more. Dysphemic & Miss Eliza’s 6-song EP, Synthetic Symphony, is available as a Name Your Price (including free) download at Bandcamp…

Dysphemic & Miss Eliza Official Site