Sanders Bohlke: Ghost Boy

Guest Post By: Brendan

It’s been seven years since Sanders Bohlke’s debut album was released. Since then, there’ve been many singles and EPs from Sanders, but no full-length releases until now. His long-awaited new album, Ghost Boy, will be released on February 19th by the Communicating Vessels label.

The sound is lush and the lyrics devastating, reminding me of recent work by Lost in the Trees. Here’s an example from “The Loved Ones”:

Brought the wooden cup
To my mouth
And I drank
Til my heart gave out

A blurb on the album’s artwork remarks that these songs were written during Winter in West Virginia. Since that is my current experience, it’s hard for me to appreciate the sense of claustrophobic dread they cultivate.

You can preview the album here and download a free, legal mp3 of the title track below…

Sanders Bohlke – Ghost Boy (mp3)*

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist’s PR rep


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