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Muruch has reluctantly returned to Facebook and Twitter since RSS feed readers are on the decline (Google Reader will be discontinued July 1st) and social networks continue to eat the internet. Thankfully, it is now possible to use Facebook and Twitter as feed readers rather than social networks.

Muruch’s accounts on Facebook and Twitter are only automatically posted, publicly viewable but limited RSS feed updates as you would see on any feed reader. There will be no friending, messaging, personal content or anything social whatsoever on Facebook or Twitter.

You will still need to visit the actual Muruch website to read full reviews and comment. Also, bands or PR reps who wish to submit music for review should continue to do so via email. We will not respond to messages or review music submitted through any other website. I personally despise Facebook especially, but it seems we must accept that it is the new Google. So…

Muruch readers on Facebook should be able to see notifications there now when Muruch is updated by following:

Muruch readers on Twitter can follow: @muruchblog

Note: it’s “muruchblog” as the user name muruch was taken on both sites

You old school kids who still use feed readers (I’m still hunting for a good one myself) can still add to the rss reader or app of your choice.

4 thoughts on “Muruch on Facebook and Twitter

  1. I’m old school all the way — will stick with RSS until it doesn’t exist anymore. Is Bloglines a decent stand-in for Google Reader? I’m still unsure where I’ll be going when Reader shuts down. And man do I hate Facebook too….

  2. Jeremy – Bloglines used to be my reader of choice, but it was shut down a few years back so I reluctantly switched to Google Reader. Bloglines has since been sold, restarted and “revamped” by MerchantCircle, so it’s not as good as it used to be. But since I’m stuck using an old version of IE at work, Bloglines isthe best of the IE-compatible, free, online feed readers I’ve tried. Those who have the option to download Firefox seem to prefer Feedly, but I haven’t used it myself.

  3. Hey Jeremy – I must retract my previous statement, since this post Bloglines has stopped working again. Feedly is a good app, but I’ve yet to find a reliable web-based feed reader.

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