Melissa Ferrick: The Truth Is

Melissa Ferrick’s new album, The Truth Is, will be released on June 4th and it is, to put it mildly, absolutely outstanding. Recorded live with a full band with a “collaborative approach” to its creation and production, the album is somewhat of a departure from the bare bones, solo sound of Ferrick’s past. I personally love the new Nashville-oriented sound (which often reminds me of Brandi Carlile) and think it’s a fine showcase for the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s talent.

You’re nothing but a mirror
And you can’t even look at yourself
I’m glad you cheated on me now
I’m better off by myself
I want answers, answers, I want answers
I’m gonna rise up, I’m gonna rejoice

The instrumentation is gorgeous, lush and elegantly Southern – lap steel, Dobro, pedal steel often mingle with beautiful cello. Singers Rose Polenzani and Anne Heaton lend backing harmonies to the album.

The opener, “Wreck Me,” features vocals by Paula Cole. It’s a fantastic song on its own merit, but it’s one of those sadly wasted duets in which you really can’t hear the guest vocalist well enough to warrant their presence. You can hear that song at SoundCloud.

You’ll think there’s never a song written about cheating before when you hear the blistering done wrong anthem “Overboard.”

Other highlights include the peppy love song “Home,” “Go Easy On Me,” the harmonious “Love Ain’t Afraid,” and “Time to Leave.”

The finale, “Take In All The Plants,” is a phenomenal, thought-provoking, subtle, post-apocalyptic anthem.

Melissa Ferrick – Wreck Me (SoundCloud Link)

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  1. A well-reasoned and incredibly thoughtful review of an artist you know is very close to my heart. I’m a bit of a purist with her, and my favorite moments were always Melissa and her guitar. It’s so strange for me to hear her with a full band, like running into someone you used to know and realizing that they’ve become so much more than you ever knew possible. It’s fuller, rounder somehow, and supports her voice so well.

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