Black Joe Lewis: New Album & Mp3!!!

Black Joe Lewis (who has either dropped “& the Honeybears” from their moniker or replaced the backing band, I haven’t been able to confirm this yet) will release their new album, Electric Slave, on August 27th and are offering a free, legal mp3 to celebrate…

Lewis has said of the album’s title and theme: “Electric Slave is what people are today with their faces buried in their iPhones and the only way to hold a conversation is through text. The next step is to plug it in to your damned head. Nothing is up front anymore and people are de socializing.

Whether due to that societal frustration, simple artistic experimentation, or the influence of the album’s producer Stuart Sikes (who previously worked with The White Stripes), the band’s punked up garage rock side has completely overtaken their bluesy, funky, retro soul in their new single, “Skulldiggin’.”

That high energy, raucous noise is cool and fun for one song and I happen to agree with Lewis’ sentiment, but I selfishly hope they didn’t abandon their signature sound for the entire album. That delicious duality of modern garage rock and vintage soul is what has always set Black Joe Lewis apart. Anyway, let’s enjoy this track for now and we shall see how the rest of the albums sounds in August. You can stream or download the free, legal mp3 (in exchange for an email address) below…

Pre-Order @ Amazon (Available in August)

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