Allison Crowe: Heavy Graces Tracklist & Release Date Revealed!

Allison Crowe only announced her new album two weeks ago, but she’s already revealing the track list and setting a release date. Heavy Graces will be released on October 15th and you can view the track list, which includes not one but two covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat” as well as a cover of Pearl Jam’s “Better Man,” below…

Heavy Graces Tracklist

1. Through These Heavy Graces (Allison Crowe)
2. Famous Blue Raincoat (choral) (Leonard Cohen)
3. You All Haunt Me (Allison Crowe)
4. Words (Allison Crowe)
5. Better Man (Eddie Vedder)
6. Control (Allison Crowe)
7. Dissolve (Allison Crowe)
8. Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen)

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