Bing Satellites: New Mp3s & Full Album Downloads!

By: Brendan

The prolific Brin Coleman has several new Bing Satellites releases for your listening pleasure. Below are just a few selections, all available for free download at and/or a Name Your Price (including $0) download at Bandcamp…

Bing Satellites – Motif (Mp3 Download Page)

Bing Satellites – Motif One from bing satellites on Vimeo.

Bing Satellites – Und (Mp3 Download Page)

Bing Satellites – Live in Salford and Manchester (Mp3 Download Page)

A comprehensive list of Bing Satellites music can be found here. Brin also continues to release a 2-hour compilation each week on his Mostly Ambient Radio Show.

After an attempt to listen to more classical music, Vic and I have been listening daily to the soothing tones of Bing Satellites and can’t recommend it enough. Playing “Please Don’t Call Me Bill Baxter” on repeat had the effect of a hot bath on a cold day.