Muruch in 2014

Hey folks, we’re taking a short break this week, but should be back in action next week. If you missed them the first time around, check out our 2013 year end lists:

Coble’s Top Songs
Coble’s Top Albums
Chelle’s Top Albums
Laura’s Top Songs
Laura’s Top EPs
Laura’s Top Albums
Brendan’s Top Songs
Muruch’s Official Top Songs
Muruch’s Official Top Books
Muruch’s Official Top Albums

In keeping with these hurried times, Muruch will embrace brevity in 2014. In-depth album reviews will continue to be posted when inspiration and time permit, but we hope shorter posts of audio and/or video will enable us to share even more music discoveries with you. We may also throw in some pop culture blurbs, current reads and whatnot. Muruch’s original purpose was and still is to share music, movies and books we like in hopes of supporting the artists and introducing you readers to entertainment you may not have noticed otherwise.