Info & Music for WV Water Ban

The Muruch household is one of many in West Virginia affect by the WV American Water ban after a chemical spill in the Elk River – the news of which, we hear from family, reached Ireland. We’re ok, though it’s a tough time for everyone. Locals in need of water should check for news updates and frequently updated lists of water distribution sites, businesses offering free showers and laundromats and other places to wash clothes in the affected counties. Also be wary of false stories and scams, WV American Water’s official Facebook page says some have received automated calls with false information regarding the water ban and there’s even more conflicting word of mouth reports goin’ around. So always check an official news source (, or or WV American Water’s official Facebook page) before you believe a story.

If you use Spotify, here’s a little distraction for ya…

Muruch’s Tainted Water Spotify Playlist

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