Hamlet at Festivall

Festivall‘s Shakespeare night was a great success. Those of you who missed the performance of Hamlet by the visiting American Shakespeare Company really missed out on a unique, spectacular evening of entertainment.

The Scottish Rite building was the perfect venue and one I hope gets utilized more in the future, its old-fashioned atmosphere and stadium seating was perfect for the play and the auditorium was packed with an enthusiastic all-ages crowd.

The ASC players doubled as an indie-folk band before the play and during intermission, covering pop hits like “Cups” and “Mad World” in an acoustic, The Decemberists style. More importantly the troupe had a firm grasp of the material as well as the natural comedic abilities to bring out the subtle humorous nuances of the Bard’s drama.

The audience was enraptured from beginning to end and I’m so happy to have been a part of such a dazzling and culturally rich experience. I hope the American Shakespeare Company will be invited back to perform Much Ado About Nothing…and Taming of the Shrew and MacBeth and anything else they’re willing to grace us West Virginians with. Bravo!