Amanda Palmer: “The Art of Asking” (Book Review)

Part memoir, part love story and all funny and inspiring. Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking, is like a long letter from a dear old friend.

The Dresden Dolls, The Brigade, The Rebellyon, Kickstarter…it’s quite a trip down memory lane for those of us who’ve been enamoured with Amanda’s music since the “A is for Accident” demo songs first popped up online.

The book is about much more than the music, however, as the ever open-book Amanda shares details about her background, her art, her beloved friend Anthony and her romance with author Neil Gaiman.

Amanda’s candid, “take the donut” to be a Living Statue mantra in The Art of Asking gave me courage to turn my for RAINN benefit album dream into a reality and reminded me of why The Dresden Dolls are my all-time favorite band. There’s never been anyone like Amanda Palmer and I doubt there ever will be.

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