Johnette Napolitano: Naked

Concrete Blonde frontwoman Johnette Napolitano has a 3-song solo EP entitled Naked. The EP is a preview of her forthcoming full-length solo album, tentatively set for release in September. Naked is, as the title suggests, a stripped down, acoustic set comprised solely of Johnette’s extraordinary voice and guitar.

The opening track “Here” is an unexpectedly simple and sincere love song.

“Memory Go” is a bit repetitive lyrically for my taste, but the vocal and melody are very effective in conveying a yearning to forget.

“Jazz on Vinyl” is not only the standout track on the EP, it may be my favorite song of the year. It’s a rich, gritty, substantial ballad. A real love song for a real love, drenched in tequila and classic blues.

You can also hear Johnette’s magnificent new work “The Witness” exclusively on the for RAINN benefit album.

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